Questioning Motherhood

I had grand plans for our new year’s celebration – a family oriented party at a neighbor’s house. All the kids could play together while the grown-ups played games and talked. The evening started out wonderfully. Then my daughter threw up all over their new leather couch and carpet. That was about 11:00pm. We got her home and asleep and just as I was drifting off to sleep at 1:00am, my little darling was awake and throwing up again. She has spent the day sleeping off and on.

If there is one aspect of motherhood I would gladly give up, it’s vomit. I can handle anything that ends up in a diaper, I can handle any type of mess or misbehavior, but vomit puts me on edge. I just can’t handle it. I’m quite lucky my husband doesn’t seem bothered by it. And at 3, she has an aversion to letting it happen over the toilet, so I end up cleaning floors, beds, clothes, etc.

And while I write this, I should be cleaning my horrendously messy kitchen or putting away the Christmas tree or finishing laundry. But I sit and write. Well, I hear my baby waking – oh I hope she’s not going to throw up again.

Happy New Year to all.



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2 responses to “Questioning Motherhood

  1. When my daughter was little, she usually “announced” the arrival of a cold by throwing up. Once we were riding a city bus and she threw up all over the bus seat. The bus driver took the event in good humor.

  2. Yes, this is what will keep me from parenting a small child. I feel your pain.

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