My little family spent the afternoon yesterday with my parents and brothers and the evening with my husband’s father and his family. Several people commented on how quiet I was and the way in which they asked struck me. My family all asked with concern, asking if I was okay. My husband’s family, though, made fun of the fact that I was quiet when normally I’m not. My standard answer was, “No I’m fine. Just taking it all in.”

And I was. I was trying very hard to be present in the moment – to watch and listen. I wanted to take everything in and see how others interacted and spent the day. I have to say, I’m quite worn out from the whole experience. But I did learn a few new things. My middle brother is quite the analyst – he will not be swayed until the task at hand is finished. My youngest brother is really good with my kids. My mom wants nothing more than to have her family around her. And my dad is really very gentle. I will not take the time to state my observations of my in-laws for two reasons. First it would take entirely too long, and second I’m trying to stay away from negativity.

Anyway – today I am traveling with my family to see grandparents and great aunts. It’s a two hour trip, but I’m willing to make it because my brother is finally home (it’s taken 8 years) for Christmas. And I’m a people pleaser and my mom is quite pleased we’re going. I do think it’s good for my kids – to know their extended family.


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