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My New Favorite Thing…

…is a little chore wheel. My husband and I have been struggling with chores. It just seems so easy to do it ourselves. While shopping, my mother found “Spintastik for the Family.” It is a fabulous little tool. It’s a magnetic board(so it sticks on the refrigerator) with gameboard like spinning arrow and little pie pieces labelled with chores on one side and rewards on the other. Each member spins the wheel and whatever it lands on, that’s the chore he or she gets. We decided to spin it weekly. At the end of the week, if each person did their chores during the week, they get to spin for a reward – most of which involve spending time as a family (play a game, watch a movie, etc.). It is my little miracle! We decided that my husband and I wouldn’t spin because our children are young enough to need a good deal of supervision while doing the chores. So, tonight my 3 year old helped with dishes. It was actually quite fun – I washed while she rinsed. While we were in the kitchen, my son had cleaned the living room and vacuumed. It was so wonderful!

Now, I realize that it’s new and we’re in the honeymoon phase, but I really don’t care. I think the randomness of getting the jobs and the rewards will keep things interesting. I’m going to recommend this to every parent I know!


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