Accidents Happen

I realize there are some things that are out of our control in life.  Accidents just happen.  That thought doesn’t help me at all.  It still makes me feel bad and almost sick to my stomach that I ruined something.

For Mother’s Day, my husband and kids got me a new cell phone.  Not just any old cell phone.  A PDA/Smartphone.  They got the Mogul by HTC.  It is a phone, a PDA, an MP3 player, a mini-computer, and a camera.  I loved everything about it and I had transfered my world onto it.  I kept my datebook with all of our family stuff there.  I kept track of my tutoring assignments as well as payments.  I had my most favorite music on there.  All of my contacts were there, with not only phone numbers, but birthdays, anniversaries, and addresses.  I connected to the internet with  it – mainly to check weather and driving directions.  I kept track of my weight loss on it.  I had some really cute pictures of my kids on it.  Now, I cannot access any of it.  Here’s what happened.

Today, a friend called and asked if my kids and I wanted to join them at a local park for a little picnic and playtime for the kids.  She even offered to drive.  It sounded great so I packed lunches and the kids.  When she arrived, I was attempting to put my daughter’s carseat in the car.  I was getting ready to set the phone down on the floorboard (the only reason I had it in my hand was because I wanted to show my friend the cute picture I had taken of the kids a few minutes before).  Anyway, my daughter ran into me and I dropped the phone.  It was in it’s case, but apparently that wasn’t enough.  When we got situated and I took the phone out to inspect it, the screen was cracked.  Actually, that’s not exactly right.  It is not physically cracked, but the image looks cracked, which I believe means the inards of the screen are cracked.  I looked online to find out how much it would be to replace the phone without a new contract – $550.  We can’t afford that.  Oh yeah, and my husband didn’t get insurance on the phone.

I don’t know what to do.  My husband didn’t sound angry when I called him and he is currently trying to figure something out.  I do have all of the information that was in it in other places, but it was just nice to have it all in the same place.  I can hear my dad saying, “Live and learn.  Get insurance and be careful.”



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2 responses to “Accidents Happen

  1. that is so true, accidents do just happen!

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