I thought it was summer…

I am busier than ever. Summer has always been a relaxing time for me, but I seem to have filled my plate. I tutor a girl in reading in my home on Mondays and Thursdays for an hour each day. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I tutor several kids between 10 and 1 at the library. Then my son has baseball games two evenings a week. I have also signed up to go to several conferences this summer. I have a difficult time saying no.

On a very sad note, tonight I will going to the visitation of my husband’s boss’s wife. In March the doctors gave her 2-3 weeks to live and she just died on Wednesday night. This is the first visitation/funeral that I will be attending merey as the wife of the professional. I knew Jackie as another funeral director’s wife but we weren’t close. This should be interesting. I do feel for her family, particularly her three kids who are 14, 11, and 8. I’m listening to my own kids play and can’t imagine dealing with such loss at such young ages.


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  1. I remember your mentioning Jackie’s illness, and although her death was inevitable, I’m sorry to hear of it.

    You probably remember my suggesting, in reference to another funeral you attended, writing something to tell the parents how you had experienced and remembered their son. If you knew Jackie at all, it would probably be a great blessing to do the same thing for each of the kids, and give the letters to their dad, to give to them when they’re old enough and/or ready. Especially the 8-year-old … when he is an adult, it might mean a great deal to him to know how his mother’s peers regarded her.

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