I found out yesterday that the person I was hoping would be our principal did not get the job.  And the worst part is that I believe him not getting the job had nothing to do with qualifications.  It had to do with politics and some insane people I work with who seem to have some kind of power that I just don’t understand.

I really believe he would have made an excellent principal.  He is strict but fair and he really cares about the kids.  He’s one of those teachers that when we have students return from high school or even out ones that are out of high school, say they hated him as a teacher but he taught them the most and really prepared them for their futures.  And he has proven his dedication to the district over and over again.  I hate this.

As disappointed as I am, I keep reminding myself that work could not get much worse than it has been the past two years, so I am going to give the new principal a chance.  I have some faith that the interim superintendent and the school board chose a candidate who was qualified and will do a good job.  I do hope that those witches don’t get their claws into him and turn him to the dark side before the school year even starts.


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  1. My daughter out of law (aka my daughter’s partner and birth mother to my granddaughter–“Mommy”) is having a similar problem. She is a teacher at a private school. Her first supervisor was awful; her second supervisor was passable. He is leaving. Mommy has a preferred candidate; the head of the school does not like him; Mommy does not trust the principal’s intentions and judgment in this matter and dreads the worst.

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