I hate being sick.  I don’t know many people who enjoy it, but this is a nightmare.  I am totally nauseous, though I have not thrown up yet.  The bathroom and I have become intimately involved, though.  My plan for today was to take my two kids on a little road trip.  My father’s cousin died suddenly in his sleep on Thursday morning.  He and my dad were very close – they spent every summer together on their grandfather’s farm.  My dad’s cousin eventually took over that farm.  I have a feeling that my dad would have enjoyed the farm life.  Anyway, the kids were excited because we were going to stay at a hotel and get to go swimming.  I feel bad, but there is no way I could have traveled today – and I didn’t want to make the whole family sick.

So I have been lying in bed all day, alternating sleeping and reading.  Thankfully, my husband hasn’t gotten a work call today so he has been keeping the kids occupied – doing his best at keeping them outside even though it’s hot.

I’m supposed to start tutoring on Tuesday.  I hope this has passed by morning, though.  I need to get back into bed.



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3 responses to “Illness

  1. Awful. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. jennyspeaks

    man. sickness sucks. i have a non-existent immune system, and i get the flu/sinus/fever monthly. its like your whole face is heavy and tired.

    mmm, one thing is, you’ve got some time to just idle and sleep and let your brain rest.

    get well soon 🙂

  3. I am just thankful I wasn’t on kid duty! I am feeling so much better. I lost 6 pounds. I don’t think this would be my preferred method of weight loss though. Maybe this is why I don’t understand bulemia.

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