A Recommendation

A friend of mine recently made a recommendation.  First a little background.  Several years ago, she began an interest in alternative medicine, particularly non-medication types.  She is forever telling me about something new she has tried and found some success, whether it be for athlete’s foot or the flu.  We have discussed the issues many times as I am a strong supporter…well, no user is a better word…of modern medicine. 

Well, she recommended a sinus rinse.  She gets sinus infections routinely and she swears by them.  She insists that it doesn’t cure the infection, but it does reduce the length and severity of it.  I was skeptical, as is usual with me.  With the current infection I apparently have, I decided to finally take her advice.

The device in question is a squirt bottle with a bullet shaped lid that has a hole in it and a straw looking thing that goes into the bottle.  You fill the bottle with warm distilled water and a powder mixture (they provide the packet of powder) to a marked line.  You lean over the sink and position the bottle in one nostril (it actually doesn’t go in your nose, it’s too large) and gently squeeze.  The solution enters your nasal passage and is supposed to drain out the other side.  When the solution reaches a certain point in the bottle (it’s got a line marked) you stop.  Some of the solution does end up going down your throat and you spit it out.  Then you repeat on the other side.  You are only supposed to do it twice a day.

I was so miserable earlier in the week that I decided to try it.  While I understood the concept, I had not fully prepared myself for what else was going to come out with the solution into my sink.  It was disgusting, however, I am willing to put up with it because I think it has helped.  The drainage from my nose, while still present, is now clear.  I did wonder if this had anything to do with losing my voice, but then I lost my voice a couple of months ago and I was not even aware of the sinus rinse at that time.  I don’t know.  My husband is totally revolted by it.

She called to ask if I had tried it.  When I said yes, she jubilantly yelled, “I told you so!”  I waited for her to calm down then said, while I was doing it, I wasn’t completely sold yet.  She wants me to try something for my throat, but I told her one thing at a time.



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4 responses to “A Recommendation

  1. jennyspeaks

    did it help you so far? cos im a frequent flu/sinus sufferer and i always pop pills, but they keep coming back.
    hmmm, alternative medicine..

  2. I believe that alternative medicine works. But I also believe that you have to be “choosie” when it comes to choosing which alternative medicine suits you.

  3. jennyspeaks – it has helped; while there is still some congestion, my head isn’t pounding from pressure and what is coming out is clear.

    Andrew – I totally agree and that’s why I am so choosie!

  4. Ooh, the famous sinus lavage. I’ve heard it really works for the people it works for (unfortunately I’m not one of them). And yeah, it’s disgusting when it does work. 🙂

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