Back to work

Today was my first day back at work.  I’m exhausted.  There’s not much else to say except that I am completely and totally spent.  I purposely planned for today to be an “easy” day – one of review and seatwork – for two reasons.  First, kids are never ready to do work on their first day back.  Second, I knew it would be difficult for me.  So this “easy” day has completely drained me.  I can’t imagine what the rest of the week will be like.

 One disturbing thing that happened today involved my boss.  Now, I in no way envisioned everyone fawning over me and making a big deal.  Those who are close to me asked several times how I was doing throughout the day and that was nice.  However, my boss did not utter a single word to me.  She didn’t talk to me about break, students, classes, my return – nothing.  She pointedly ignored me.  I found it odd.  While I wouldn’t consider her a friend, I guess I expected at least a little professional courtesy, such as a “Good morning” or “Good afternoon” if not a “Welcome back” or “How are you doing?”  Maybe I was expecting too much.  Oh well. 

I’m going to sit on my couch.  Actually, I’ll be sitting on a lawn chair in our front yard.  It’s dreary and gray out, but rather warm and the kids are beside themselves wanting to be outside.  I don’t even think I have the energy to take a book outside.  I think I’ll just sit.



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4 responses to “Back to work

  1. Just sit.

    Let your boss sit also. She’s probably not able to meet your needs very well. (Few bosses are.)

  2. David

    I think that’s weird. Maybe she thought you’d feel self-conscious if she was too attentive. Or maybe she’s just, you know, a jerk.

  3. I’m inclined to go with the idea that she’s just a jerk. She didn’t speak to me the entire week. I’m learning to let these kinds of things go.

  4. I think there is an entire shadowy separate education system for jerks. The premier university is known as Jerk U. It’s a very special education system, must more special than the one you work in.

    It is best to let these things go, though often difficult.

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