Preconceived Ideas

I find it interesting how people come up with an image of what someone looks like before they actually have seen them.  The image is not worse or better, just different.  When I started my current job almost three years ago, it was a couple of months before my coworkers had the opportunity to meet my husband.  Afterwards, I had several coworkers tell me that he looked nothing like they had pictured as my husband.

A good friend of mine has recently started dating a man and that is all I have heard about.  When I met him for the first time, he did not look like the image I had created of him in my head.  I can’t quite figure out what is different or pinpoint any exact differences, but he was just different than I expected.

I recently received pictures of people I have heard about and interacted with (in the blog world) but never seen.  They don’t look like the images I had conjured in my mind.  The actual images are just different than I imagined.  I will say, I found the real images comforting. 


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