Too much…

I had to call my doctor this morning.  I have been experiencing a considerable amount of bleeding as well as some abdominal discomfort.  I was told to keep an eye on things and if the bleeding got worse or didn’t get any better by tomorrow afternoon, to call back.  She also told me that I was doing too much and I needed to take it easy.  I had been feeling good so I had been doing more.  I guess it was too much.  Well, and I didn’t know I was still on a weight restriction.  It’s not like I was moving furniture or carrying big bags of laundry, but I did lift my daughter out of the car a couple of times and I was doing a lot of cleaning. 

 What did I do after I talked to my doctor?  Dropped my kids off at my parents’ house then went to work in my classroom.  It’s not like I could have avoided it.  I haven’t been to work in almost 4 weeks and I had no idea where the substitute had left off.  I had nothing planned for next week.  My mom pointed out that if I don’t take it easy, I won’t be going back to work.  I reminded her that regardless of whether I am there or not, something still needs to be planned and no one is going to do it for me.  I spent roughly two and a half hours there, trying to mostly sit.  I did have to stand at the copy machine for awhile, but I tried to keep it to a minimum. 

I’m going to work on working less.  Hmmm….



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3 responses to “Too much…


    You don’t want to deal with damage caused by failure to heal properly.

    Your job right now is to heal. Take that job seriously. I know how you are about completing tasks properly. So … do your job, OK?

    OK. 🙂

  2. Hi, I was just surfing around and I came across this post, I think that I would reiterate what the two previous comments have said – we all think we are superwomen after a hysterectomy, but nature tells us otherwise. It is really important to listen to your body as it will let you know what it needs in order to help it recover more quickly. If you do what it wants, you will get better faster – please don’t be too hard on yourself. Hopefully, two weeks on from this post though, things have improved somewhat! Linda

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