In an effort to strengthen my marriage, I have recently been trying to follow sports more closely.  My husband is an avid sports fan – any sport will do – and I figure that if I can develop at least an appreciation, we would be able to spend more time together.  So that brings me to the NCAA tournament.

It seems that I have flabbergasted my husband.  In the early rounds of the tournament, the best teams are paired with the lower ranked teams.  I can’t quite reconcile this idea which seems to doom the lowest ranked teams, but I don’t know enough about it to really discuss any alternatives.  Anyway, I do not feel any loyalty to any of the teams, so I have made it a point to root for the lower ranked team.  My husband has several teams he is rooting for regardless of who is the opponent.  He doesn’t understand why I don’t pick a team or two and follow them.  I tried to explain that while I am interested and trying to learn more about the game, the teams, etc. in an effort to be closer to him, I always like to see the underdog win.  There is something about a team who is expected to lose overcoming a favorite that I like.  Maybe that’s why I’m a special education teacher – I work with the underdogs to overcome their own obstacles.

If nothing else, we are having some very spirited and fun debates at my house.  I think that while it is not how I imagined getting closer to my husband, it’s still working.



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2 responses to “Sports

  1. Kind of like an upset by the underdog.

    (I have an instinctive tendency to favor the underdog.)

  2. Well, it looks as if all my underdogs are out. I thought Davidson had a chance, but close isn’t good enough in basketball. I almost want to stop watching now that the only teams left are #1 seeds.

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