The Birthday Weekend

My daughter turned three on Friday. We will be having a family birthday party this afternoon.  I am feverishly trying to get things done.  Thankfully, we are planning to go to a local pizza place so I don’t have to have everyone in my little house.  I did decide to make the cake this year for one reason.  My mother has celiac disease, which is a severe gluten/wheat allergy.

 It’s interesting how this disease has taken over our whole family.  She was diagnosed about 10 years ago, shortly before I got married.  The day after my wedding, she was extrememly sick.  I didn’t know why until weeks later she told me that she had eaten a piece of wedding cake.  She tried to explain that she wanted to experience everything.  Since then, she has routinely not enjoyed many parties because she cannot have the cake.  Usually, she can’t have any of the food, either.  While she will not be able to have pizza with us, at least she can enjoy the cake.

Of course, as is my usual downfall, I have become ambitious and now am regretting it.  My daughter wanted “butterrrrrrrr” (that is what she calls yellow) flowers.  I found a cupcake mold that were in the shapes of flowers.  My initial idea was to just make cupcakes.  Well, with only six in the mold, that was taking too long.  So I am using the extra cake mix I bought (because I don’t cook, I always buy at least one extra – just in case) to make a round base (which will be bubblegum pink) as a type of flower pot.  I’ll arrange the flower cupcakes on their sides on top to look like a pot of flowers.  We’ll see how it goes.  If it does end up going well, I will post a picture.  If not, well, I might just post a picture of that too.

This morning, while we were at the store buying the gluten-free cake mix, my son saw a woman with four children, the oldest about 8 and the youngest a very young infant.  They were all very cute children and very well behaved.  Anyway, my son saw the infant and pointed him out.  I said yes, he was very cute.  Baylor suddenly latched onto my leg, as if something was bothering him.  When I asked what was wrong, he whispered that he wanted a baby at our house.  It almost brought tears to my eyes.  I squated down and hugged him, whispering back that it would be nice, but my surgery was going to make it so I couldn’t have anymore babies.  He was quiet until we left the store.  When we got in the car and were on our way home, he asked if we could get a dog instead.  I told him I would think about it.

There’s the timer.  I hope this cake turns out!



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3 responses to “The Birthday Weekend

  1. Happy birthday to your daughter.

    I think your son is a very sweet soul. Since his sister tends to terrorize him a bit, as I recall, maybe it would solidify his self-esteem to be responsible for a pet? Sounds to me like he enjoys loving innocent things.

  2. My granddaughter had her 4th birthday on February 12. She had one birthday party combined with mine in January. She had a second birthday party with her friends. My wife bought her a set of garden tools. We were told that she and her friends had a grand time playing with the gardening tools. By the end of the party, however, she had a meltdown, but most of her friends had already gone home, so they missed the drama queen episode. My wife just had her birthday, but no party yet, so that should be a reason for our granddaughter to participate in a third birthday party. I don’t know if I will bring off my green eggs and ham scheme by then.

  3. Your surgery is coming up quite soon, isn’t it? Are you feeling OK with things?

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