On Tuesday, the health teacher came to me and said that she caught one of my basketball girls flipping the bird to another students – twice (once after she was warned).  She told me that she had called the girl’s mother and let her know.  I asked if she had written it up for discipline.  Her reply was no because she knew we were in the middle of a tournament and she didn’t want me to lose a player.  I told her she should have written it up.  I am the type of coach who does not give or expect any special treatment for my players and I hold them to a higher standard.  Anyway, this girl’s parents are very involved and concientious.  Her mother talked to me after practice the last night and she was concerned that nothing was done except a phone call.  She wanted her daughter to know that there are consequences.  She wanted to discuss it with the principal but didn’t want to get me in trouble for not writing it up.  I told her not to worry about me.

This morning, I went to the office to discuss the situation with our principal.  The other teacher was there.  She suddenly changed her story.  Now she says that she didn’t know if that’s what the girl was doing or not so she couldn’t write it up and felt that phone call home was enough.  Later, I went to the principal and explained that that was not the original story I had gotten.  The child is now suspended for 3 days (according to our Code of Conduct).  The other teacher is furious, though I don’t think she is mad at me.  But I am concerned at how easily she changed her story.

What’s most upsetting is this teacher is also a good friend of mine.  I can’t believe she would put me in this position.



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3 responses to “Betrayed

  1. Feeling the pain. I have not always handled such episodes perfectly.

  2. That’s the kind of thing that irks me to no end. If she really wasn’t sure in the first place, she shouldn’t have said anything at all. But having said something, she should have stuck to her story, or at least told you first before she changed it, if she were genuinely doubting her own reliability as a witness.

  3. Well, after two days of not talking to me – she acted as if nothing in the world had happened or was wrong today. I think I’m going to go with it and let her take the lead. I would do everything the same – I in no way feel like I did anything wrong.

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