This morning I stopped to buy a bagel to take to work.  I don’t normally have time to stop, but this morning, I did.  There was a group of gentlemen in front of me (3 or 4) all in ties and dress shirts, nice slacks.  They all appeared to be in their early to mid-forties and obviously knew each other.  As I waited for them to finish their order, one of the men turned and smiled at me, saying, “Good morning.”  I smiled back and returned with a “Good morning” as he stepped aside, already having placed his order.  He turned back to me almost instantly and said, “You really do look lovely.  It is so nice to see a young woman dressed in such an attractive, professional manner.”  I was quite taken aback and stammered out, “Thank you.”  They finished their orders and moved to find a table.

While I am wearing one of my favorite outfits, what did I take away from this compliment?

He called me young.



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2 responses to “Interpretation

  1. I was going to remark that it was an odd thing to say to a total stranger, but considering how many odd things people say to me, I’ve reconsidered.

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