Work in Chaos

Working in chaos is a regular occurence for me – I’m a junior high teacher.  Chaos seems to be a way of life for junior high students.  How can it not be?  Isn’t that what junior high is all about?

The chaos got worse today.  Our school board voted not to renew our principal’s contract for next year.  I have complained before about her, but things seemed to have gotten better this year.  There are accusations flying and lots of heated discussion.  Many of her supporters want to write a letter to back her and say it’s from the entire staff.  I am opposed to this because I don’t want to get involved, particularly with my own contract not yet renewed.  And honestly, I don’t think she belongs here.

Sorry, I went off my original intent.  Along with our principal not returning, our superintendent has resigned and our special education coordinator and school counselor are retiring.

There isn’t a lot of teaching going on in our district today.  I realize that things could get worse, but I honestly believe that it will eventually get better.  The principal was not a good fit (promoted from within, not well liked as a teacher in the elementary school), our special education coordinator is lazy (and not very knowledgable), and our superintendent is in bad health along with being ancient (he’s been retired from his first job as superintendent for a number of years, but came back to “help out”).  While transition is difficult, I think a breath of fresh air is just what we need.

I am sad to see our counselor go, though.  She is a really great woman – straight to the point, no bones about anything but with an enormous amount of compassion.  The kids trust her and love her.  She readily admits she can’t reach every kid but it’s not going to stop her from trying.  I hope that the district finds another counselor to take her place (there’s been talk of eliminating her job once she leaves) because many of our kids would be lost without someone.  I truly believe they need someone to talk to and help them that isn’t one of their teachers.

Well, the end of the school year is within sight.  I’m trying to stay optimistic.



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3 responses to “Work in Chaos

  1. Not only do I not have a very good flashlight, I don’t have a very good biochaos suit. I am wishing you success with surviving the chaos.

  2. Yikes. Your job is hard enough without all this upheaval. It seems that some improvement is possible with a couple of these changes, but it does seem a shame to lose that counselor. I hope that there is some positive result for you from this restructuring.

  3. And it just gets worse! Our Board has been pressured into re-voting tomorrow night. The two-faced bitching whores (seems strong, but its not really) who are supporting her seem to have power around here. To quote my students, “This sucks!” My response to them is usually, “Sucks what?” I can think of a few things I would rather suck…sorry – that was off. My brain seems to be misfiring today.

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