Rough Beginning

While last week was hellish, this week is starting out a little rough.  I haven’t really seen my husband at all in about 3 days.  They have been so busy, when he  called last night, I asked, “Who is this?  Do I know you?” 

**Side note: I’m always bewildered about how to discuss my husband’s business.  If I say business is good for him, that means there are many people grieving and bad for them.  If I say business has been slow lately and bad for him, it means its good for everyone else.

 Okay, back to my weekend.  Well, I spent the weekend as a single mom.  This isn’t really that unusual but I normally have my parents who I can go to and say, “Watch the kids while I take a nap, please.”  They, however, were in Wisconsin with my youngest brother as he received an award for “Conservationist of the Year.”  So, I was truly alone.  My son has develped yet another cough he can’t seem to get rid of.  On Saturday night he coughed so hard, he threw up.  Now, I do have to point out that my son is a little melodramatic and I finally had to tell him to quit trying to cough so hard. 

Last night, my husband was supposed to be home about 8:00pm (after having gone into work at 10am).  He called to say they had gotten yet another call around 8:30pm.  At 11:15pm, I was in bed reading.  I am normally sound asleep that late, but couldn’t get to sleep.  I suddenly heard a knock on my front door and realized that I hadn’t locked it.  I was frozen with fear, immediately realizing I was home with only two small children.  I quickly called my husband.  His response was, “What do you want me to do?  I’m 45 minutes away.  Call the police.”  So that’s what I did.  At least I had the presence of mind to call the non-emergency number.  They sent an officer to look around and he found nothing.  I felt better, but then waited up for my husband to get home, which wasn’t until 1:00am.  I am so tired right now.

Then, on my way to work, I drive past a golf course.  As I rounded a curve, I saw a deer cross the road about 500 feet ahead of me.  It was just dark enough that I couldn’t see how big or whether it was male or female but just light enough to know it was a deer.  It crossed the road and went into the woods.  I silently thought to myself that it would have been nice to have been just a little closer so I could have seen it more clearly.  Well, be careful what you wish for – as I approached the spot, another deer darted in front of me and I saw a third to my right, not yet on the road.  I swerved to miss the one entering the road on my right and almost hit the back end of the one that was to my left.  Talk about a morning jolt!

I’m still trying to figure out which caused a bigger adreniline rush – the knock on my door at 11:15pm or the deer in front of my car. 

I’m exhausted.


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