A Tribute

The past two days have been some of the most difficult days I have ever experienced.  Last night, I stood in the visitation line for three hours – and I was somewhere in the middle.  There were many before me and many after me.  I grieved as I watched several different video tributes, some from Evan when he was a child, some from nights on the football field.  There were more flower arrangements than I could count.  The crowd was diverse in many different respects.  It was this diversity that struck me.

 High school students, many of whom had never been to a funeral or visitation.  I was angered by the large number of kids who were treating it more as a social event.  However, after thinking about them, I think some may just have not known any other way to act.  Some were obviously shaken.  My heart ached for them.  I wanted to ease this pain because they are too young to go through this, yet I know death is a part of life and sooner or later it has to become a part of everyone’s conciousness.

What truly struck me was the outpouring of people.  What an amazing tribute to Evan as well as his family.  They have touched so many lives and that fact was apparent.

Evan was a bright spirit whose life ended too early.  He will be missed and remembered.



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2 responses to “A Tribute

  1. It must have meant a great deal to his family that so many people turned out to say goodbye.

    A couple of years ago, a cousin of mine died, far earlier in life than she should have … it wasn’t sudden, but it was one of those events that makes you wonder whether there is a God. Anyway, we encouraged people to write down random memories of Dianne and mail them to my aunt and uncle, so they would know how people saw her, that she was truly noticed in the world before she had to leave. You have a genuine way with words, Trured … if you have a memory of Evan, write it down and share it with his parents. It’s one of the greatest gifts you could give them.

  2. I did just as you suggested David and you were right – they loved it. And it made me feel better too. Thanks for the suggestion.

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