I can’t seem to put together a complete thought right now.  We just received a phone call from my husband’s cousin who is a county sheriff.  He was letting us know that some good friends of ours lost their son, Evan.  He was on his way to his grandmother’s house in the country and was apparently going too fast and lost control, hitting a large tree.  He died on impact.  Evan was only 18 years old.

I first met Evan’s dad, Herb, my first year teaching.  He was the PE teacher and a wonderful mentor.  We coached track together and had a ball.  After leaving that job, we kept in touch sporadically.  He became a principal at a small rural high school and just this past fall became the dean of students at a fairly large high school.  His wife has been in education for years and several years ago began working for the state high school association, overseeing state-wide competitions in speech, drama, and debate.  I have watched their two boys grow up and just recently saw Herb, who was bragging about Evan and his college prospects.  They live in the same small town as we do and we would run into each other at the store or at some sporting event. 

My heart is breaking for them.  Having my own two children, I can’t imagine losing one.  The death of someone so young, whether from tragedy or illness, is something that shakes me to my core.  It always has.  These are the times that my faith and my beliefs are shaken.  I know there is no explanation but it just hurts so bad…



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2 responses to “Sadness

  1. DM

    I saw your post under the “faith” tags just now and read the news about the loss of your friends son. Really there are no words at a time like this. In our family we lost my first cousin Michelle this past spring. Her and I were the same age. She too died in a sudden traffic accident. I wrote about some of my thoughts that week on my blog as well here : won’t say anything simplistic to you now..cause I hate that sort of stuff myself.

  2. I am so sorry to read about this. It’s not fair. It’s terrible.

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