New Year

A minister made an interesting comment on Lent one time (bear with me, this does pertain to the new year and resolutions).  He was commenting on Lent being a time of reflection and that it is not necessary to give something up to encourage reflection.  Instead, people need to think beyond themselves to their relationships.  He was encouraging people to focus on becoming a better person instead of just giving up something random.

I was reminded of this yesterday as I was discussing New Year’s Resolutions with my husband and my son.  It was a difficult task explaining the concept of a “new year” to my son.  In his six year old mind, a new year is after his birthday (because he is a year older) or when school starts in August.  I tried to explain to him about seasons, the calendar, how it all applies all over the world, etc.  He finally looked at me and said, “Mommy, it’s okay if don’t know exactly.  I believe you.”  From the mouthes of babes…anyway, we talked about making New Year’s Resolutions and how I am a little against them.  Not really against them, just don’t see the point when the majority of people who make them end up failing at them.

In an effort to make this work, my husband, son, and I have come to an agreement.  Here is what we proprose:

1) My husband and I will try to yell less and in return our son will try to do what he is asked the first time.

2) My son will try to remember on his own to work 10 minutes every night on writing and will not get upset when reminded by us.

3)  My husband will try to share his thoughts and feelings and I will try not to get angry when he does.

4)  I will try not to bring my stress from work home and my husband will try to understand when I do.

We did discuss involving our daughter, but at the tender age of almost 3, she doesn’t quite get it.  My obediant son has agreed to help her along.  I’m very optimistic that this will be beneficial to all of us.


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