And She Breathes…

That’s what I feel like.  I can finally breath.  Since school let out a week ago, I feel as if I have been on a frenzied ride controlled completely by someone else.  Thankfully, my shopping was done a week earlier, but I still had to do some cooking and wrapping.  We spent Christmas Eve with my parents and my brother.  My children received entirely too many toys.  My husband has decided that he will wait until Christmas Eve to do his shopping for me every year.  I’m not so sure this is a great idea, but he did do well.  He went out, all on his own, and bought me a new camera.  It was even in a gift bag with tissue paper – a first for him! 

On Christmas morning, we opened presents from Santa Claus.  This a subject I worry about.  I try to be very honest with my children, yet I don’t want to take away from their childhood.  My son asked about Santa Clause this year, but that’s a different post.  Shortly after opening presents, we packed up the car and went to see my grandparents (a two hour drive).  Seeing my grandparents is not my favorite thing to do, but I feel obligated and none of them is doing well.  I have been fascinated watching my parents take care of their own parents.

Anyway, I scheduled basketball practice during break so I have had to go to work.  Today was the first real day I have had to actually stop and relax.  It seems that whenever I have to time to write on my little blog, I have this sense of being able to breathe.  So, after some consideration, I am changing the name of my blog.  In the coming year, I think my next course of action is to focus less on myself.  I think that recently I have become so self-absorbed that I am failing to see anything or anyone else.  Maybe if I quit putting myself under a microscope, I might find what I feel I am lacking.  (Hopefully, I don’t look back at this post is six months and say, “What a load of bullshit.”)



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2 responses to “And She Breathes…

  1. I kind of like your husband’s shopping theory, which I would sum up as “Desperation breeds genius.”

  2. When I get to desperation though, it ends up to be, “Desperation breeds disappointment.” 🙂

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