An Attack and A Gift

The Attack:

Yesterday, my daughter hit my son over the head with a six inch resin Santa Claus, drawing blood and leaving a pretty good bump.  When I asked why she did it, her reason was, “Cause I want to.”  Sadly, I don’t doubt that she just wanted to hit him and see what happened.  I’m trying very hard to look at the circumstances around these incidences.  At the time of the attack, my son was looking out our front window and asking if he could go out and play with his friend, who was coming down the street.  I honestly believe that she didn’t want him to go outside because they had been playing.  I did talk to her about how unkind it was to hit other people.  She didn’t give me any clue she understood, but without prompting, she did go and apologize, giving him a hug.

A Gift:

Today, my OCD is rejoicing.  First, some background.  It has become a running joke with many of my students that when I eat M&Ms, I must organize them.  I separate them by color then eat them until the groups are even.  I do have to eat them in a certain order as well – brown, blue, orange, green, yellow, red.  One day several students went together and bought me a 1 pound bag of M&Ms (I don’t buy them that big – too time consuming to organize).  I refused to open them because I knew that once open, I would have to organize.  A coworker opened them.  I promptly got some baggies and began organizing.  Today, two dear friends (also coworkers) gave me a glorious gift!  A clear plastic craft box with 20 small compartments.  Each compartment is labelled with the color name (ink in that color) starting with white and ending with black (light to dark).  There is a gift store nearby that sells M&Ms by individual color.  It’s sitting on my desk and I can’t stop gazing at it lovingly and smiling.  It made the beginning of a very hectic week enjoyable.


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  1. That is so delightful about your coworkers’ gift to you … it’s so nice, isn’t it, when people appreciate us, quirks and all.

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