Losing My Voice

My illness has not left.  I thought it was better over the weekend, but it has now returned with a vengence.  My nose and sinuses feel as if they are packed with cotton balls that weigh at least 10 pounds.  My throat feels like someone has substituted sand paper as the lining. 

Last night, my dear son proudly showed me the book he checked out during library time – The Polar Express (one of my favorites).  He told me he picked it out just for me and asked me to read it.  Of course I was happy to do it.  About half way through my voice was gone.  No matter how hard I tried, nothing would come out.  My sensitive little boy said, “Mommy, are you okay?  I don’t think I could live without hearing you say ‘I love you’ anymore!”  Daddy finished reading him the book and reassured him that I would get my voice back.  I did use the opportunity to teach him how to say ‘I love you’ in sign language. 

This morning, my voice came back but it is very hoarse sounding.  I also can’t speak very loudly.  First thing this morning, I went up to wake him up by whispering in his ear, “I love you.”  His eyes flew open and he grinned from ear to ear.  He hugged me tight and said, “Mommy!  I’m so proud!  You can say ‘I love you’ again!”  (a mother’s note: my son often uses the word proud and happy interchangably).  He went on to say that if my voice went away again, I didn’t have to read to him.  He would read to me from his books.  He’s such a sweet boy.

However, as the day has gone on, my voice is dwindling.  Our seventh graders went on a field trip to see a performance of A Christmas Carol (very well done, I might add).  My vocal chords were not helped when I had to direct kids to and from the buses.  When we returned, a fight broke out in the hallway that I had to break up.  I actually had to stand between two large 8th grade boys because my voice is barely above a whisper.  Thankfully, as soon as I stepped in, they quit punching.

Tonight, I have basketball practice.  Thankfully, there’s a microphone in the gym that I plan on using and I have a manager that is very dependable. 

 What do I want for Christmas?  Health.


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