A Perfect Sunday

 **A Note:  I wrote this on Monday and thought I had published it – guess I was wrong!

Yes, we had one yesterday.  Well, as near perfect as you can get around my house.  We were invited to a brunch that was delicious and good company.  Both kids behaved themselves beautifully.  My son shoveled their walk and driveway.  When the couple wanted to give him $5 for his efforts, he politely declined saying he was just doing something nice for them.  Very proud parent moment.

When we got home, everyone changed into comfy clothes and settled in for a relaxing afternoon.  My daughter and I took naps and my husband and son watched sports.  When my daughter woke up around 4:00pm, she and my son played delightfully for the rest of the evening.  There wasn’t one single fight!  There is a certain laugh that my daughter has and my son is the only one that can get it out of her.  I heard laughter for almost four hours straight.  It almost brought me to tears.  At one point, and I can’t even remember what we were talking about, my husband I started laughing so hard we were crying.  I thought, in the midst of my laughter, that I couldn’t remember the last time we had laughed like that and it made me so thankful for the moment we were sharing.

The beginning of the week didn’t seem so bad after my perfect Sunday.

When we got home


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