Workplace Observation

Why is it that the laziest workers are the ones that get promoted?  In my case, promoted is not the right word, but it’s adequate.  I have heard my dad talk about the same thing occurring within the company where he works.

Today, we had a visiting group of teachers interested in our special education department and that we made our annual yearly progress on the state testing.  The teacher that was chosen to talk to them and help them is one that never teaches.  She has her paraprofessional do just about everything, including call parents, while she does whatever she feels she needs to do.  It usually involves taking breaks, being nosy, and spreading gossip.  This is also the teacher that got paid an extra stipend for all of the “work” she did on an alternative testing format for our district.  I made my own test, thank you.  Anyway, it just seems that everyone takes her word as gospel truth.  I have investigated some of the claims she has made through our state board of education and found she was flat out wrong.

It doesn’t help that she is close personal friends with our completely inadequate principal.  Well, it doesn’t help me but it obviously is helping her.  This seems to be telling me I need to be more of a suck-up.


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  1. I fear you’re right, that sycophants progress more quickly than those who actually do a good job. It’s maddening. I think the only good thing about being self-employed is that I don’t have to play those games quite as much.

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