Here in the Midwest, we are at the beginning of what is forecast as a pretty serious storm.  Ice warnings with two inches of ice accumulation then this afternoon two inches of snow accumulation.  I had to cancel basketball practice. 

My dear husband, however, is working.  A call came in this morning about 5:15 that someone had died.  He left to pick of the deceased and begin the process.  The family decided they wanted to come in today before the storm to make arrangements.  The problem?  The funeral home were they are meeting is a good 45 minutes of back country roads from our house.  And after making arrangements, my husband has at least an hour of phone calls and paperwork.  While the family will be home warm and safe before the worst of the storm, my husband will be out driving in it.

This is why my husband’s job exasperates me.


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  1. I recently started watching the show “Six Feet Under” on DVD, and sometimes I think of your husband, though I’m quite aware that your life together isn’t a slickly-scripted soap opera. 🙂

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