As Time Goes By…

Well, my doctor’s appointment on Friday was cancelled.  The doctor had a family emergency so it has been rescheduled for today at 3:00pm.  This has really done nothing for my stress level.  Friday was a nice day, though.

My husband did not go in to work in the morning as I expected him to.  We went out to breakfast and did some shopping.  He did go into work as he planned around 2:00pm.  I was still upset, but my mind is so preoccupied with other things, I gave up trying to get him to understand.  He said he was sorry.  I told him it still hurt and that if he was truly sorry, he wouldn’t go in – he would get one of the other funeral directors to take care of it.  Yet another issue we are currently just ignoring.

Friday night was actually kind of fun.  I took the kids to the video store and they picked out some movies (there’s a video store in town that has a lot of kids movies that are free to rent) and then we went to the grocery store.  We got pizza rolls, chicken nuggets, fried mushrooms, fried cheese balls, mini-tacos, popcorn, chips, Susie-Qs, and brownies.  After we cooked everything, we spread blankets and pillows on the floor, set up the food on the coffee table, turned off all the lights, and watched cartoon movies.  Specifically, we watched the old Scooby-Doo cartoons.  One was a feature length film, but the others were just the television episodes.  I felt slightly sick the next morning (almost like a hangover) but it was well worth it.

My son got his first report card on Friday.  For most things he got an S (satisfactory).  There were a few things that were marked with a + (above average).  There were however some things that were checkmarked (needs improvement).  These included “listens attentively,” “works independently,” and “follows directions.”  I was a little disappointed.  I’m not expecting my to son to be the perfect student or some genius, but I do want him to behave.  Last night we had a conference with his teacher and she said he is doing quite well.  I asked about the check marks and she said it was because he and another little boy often are “cohorts in crime.”  I informed her that the boys went to preschool together and I had requested that they not be placed in the same kindergarten (upon suggestion from the preschool teacher).  She said she was unaware of the request but felt that it wasn’t detrimental to my son, just a distraction.  She also said it was probably good for him because this way he can work out a way to deal with distraction.  We’ll see.

I will be having a formal observation on Thursday by the principal.  Most people get really nervous and anxious.  I do not.  It’s just like any other day because I don’t plan on doing anything different than if she wasn’t coming in.  I’m not trying to be something I am not and she can drop in anytime she wants.  I will probably dress a little more professionally, though.  Well, maybe not.   I actually dress more like I work in an office than in a junior high.  Some teachers make fun of me for it, but I think it gives the kids a sense of authority.  Usually on Fridays I dress a little more casual – tan pants and a cotton shirt – but the rest of the week is dress pants or skirts and heels with a blouse or nice sweater.  In my observation, the students do show me a little more respect than some of the other teachers.


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  1. 1) Junk food hangovers are nasty, but worthwhile. 🙂

    2) I agree that kids show more respect to a professionally-dressed adult. It also sets a nice example for them, I think … especially for the girls, when fashions for young women are so … well, “slutty” is the word that comes to mind. I see a lot of grown women wearing things they shouldn’t, when they would be perfectly lovely in age-appropriate and more flattering clothes. So I think it’s very nice for young girls to see a woman with good taste, especially one in a position of authority.

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