I’m disconnecting.  I have just spent the past 1/2 hour aimlessly wandering the information superhighway.  Yes, I have a classroom full of kids.  I told them to sit down, find something to do, and keep their mouths shut.  I can’t cope right now.  Every nerve in my body is on edge.  Why does he do this to me?  I had to leave the room once because the chest pains got so bad.  Luckily, the counselor’s office is right across the hall from my room and she’s only here on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  I went in there and calmed myself down.  There’s a song that I listened to this morning.  Here’s the first couple of lines.

Wake up to a sunny day/ not a cloud up in the sky/then it starts to rain/my defenses hit the ground/ and they shatter all around/ so open and exposed (Broken Bridges soundtrack; sung by Lindsey Haun)

This is exactly how I feel.


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