What a Week

Even though it is not over, this week has been…exhausting.

1)  My gynecologists office called.  They want to see my husband and I a week from tomorrow.  Apparently, after having several other doctors in the practice look at my sonogram results, he wants to sit down and discuss it.  They found two masses.  One of which is a fibroid tumor and is harmless.  There is another growth, however, imbeded in the wall of my uterus.  However, the results of my Pap test (I refuse to use the other term – it grosses me out) showed nothing out of the ordinary.  I’m trying not to worry or jump to the worst conclusion possible.  I have been writing down my questions as they occur to me so I don’t forget anything. 

2)  I started my period and on Tuesday the pain was so bad I had to pull over into a parking lot on my way home.  Then again yesterday, I could barely function the pain was so bad.  I actually got dizzy while in the bathroom and hit my head on the wall so I had a headache on top of everything else.  And because the medication I was on for my shoulder and my stress levels, my ulcers have become irritated so the strongest medication I can take is Tylenol.  It’s really not helping any.  Last night, I took Tylenol PM just to get some sleep.  I will say I do feel better today.

3)  We have parent/teacher conferences today and tomorrow.  It is this time of year that I have to update each goal and objective on my students’ IEPs (Individualized Education Plans) so they can go home with their parents or in the report card.  Our conferences are from 2-8pm today and 8-1pm tomorrow.  It seems to me that the only parents that sign up for conferences are the ones that have children who are doing well.  Oh well.

4)  I have to get ready for a substitute on Monday and Friday.  I will be at a conference on Monday and the doctor on Friday.  I really don’t like having a sub.  It is double the work for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a huge respect for substitutes and the work they do.  I could never do it.  But it is just the nature of the whole thing.  What I leave for the students to do either doesn’t get done at all or doesn’t get done correctly.  Then I’m playing catch up when I get back.  And then of course there are my problem children who find it very enjoyable to make as much trouble as they can while I am gone. 

I think I am going to listen to some soothing music and relax before my first conference.


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