I have a friend that is like no other I know.  She is kind and gentle.  She’s totally understanding.  She is also the most stable person I know.  According to her, she’s stable because she cries at least once a day, whether it’s because of a commercial or something someone said, because of happiness or sadness.  When needed, she can be very objective, but then she can turn around and show unbelievable compassion.  She has a heart the size Africa.  She is a wonderful mom and wife, though she would say she isn’t.  She puts her heart and soul into everything she does.  Her tender heart gets bruised easily, but she is quick to forgive and forget.  We’ve known each other for six years and we’ve only ever had one upset.  She is a beautiful human being.  I love her dearly.

So why have I pushed her away?  Why have I not talked to her in weeks?  Why have I only sporadically kept in touch over the last several years?  Because I am ashamed.  My being is falling to pieces and I don’t want her to see it.  I don’t want her to worry about me.  I don’t want her to feel sorry for me.

I had a chance to talk to someone over the weekend who reminds of my friend.  I have known this woman for a year or two but have only had the chance to talk to her a couple of times, and those times were small talk.  On Saturday, I got a chance to really talk to her.  She made me think of my friend. 

They are both beautiful souls.


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