After a great deal of indecision (my specialty) I have decided what the colors in My Room will be.  In decorating the rest of my house, I have painstakingly planned colors that are neither too feminine nor too masculine.  My living room is rich buttery gold, my kitchen a dark taupe with stone and white accents.  I am very aware that I have a husband and two children that I must consider in my color choices. 

But, dammit, this is My Room.  Yes, I will forever capitalize it – it is that important.  You see, when I was young, I shared a room with my brothers until I was 14.  When we moved and I got my own room, however, things didn’t get much better.  The door to my room regularly took the brunt of my quick and fiery (hey, I’m a redhead) temper and my parents’ solution was to remove my door on a regular basis.  Then I went to college and shared a room with anywhere between 1 and 3 other women.  Then I got married and now share an entire house.  So, My Room it is.

Anyway, back to paint color.  I love cool, relaxing colors in blues and greens.  More often than not, though, I am attracted to deep, rich, bold colors, like emerald and burgandy.  Well, I recently recieved a box as a gift.  The box is to store photos until I put them in a frame or in a scrapbook.  The box itself is a rich, deep brown with a burgandy undertone.  There are a series of stripes and circles covering the box in a light pink, a red burgandy, cream, and a muted coral.  I am in love with the box, therefore, these are the colors I’m using.  The room is small and I hesitate to paint it all in the dark color.  I need to take the box to a paint or home improvement store to match colors and then decide how to go about it.  There are two large windows that let in a great deal of light and I will be looking for fabric to make curtains.

The room will look so different.  It is currently royal blue from the baseboards up about three feet and the upper wall is white.  All the trim is royal blue and the curtains look like a child’s crayon drawings of boats, bicycles, clouds, suns, etc.  It was a play room.  I can’t wait to start!



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2 responses to “Finally!

  1. Suggestion — it often works very well, in a small room, to paint only one wall with a dark accent color, and then the remaining walls in a complementary but less intense color.

    Sounds like you’re going to have fun!

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