Sleep, Water and Sex

Lately, I have been having some odd dreams.  The only common theme seems to be water.  Actually, flooding, but there is always immense amounts of water.  The first couple of nights, I thought it was because I had to use the restroom; however, I have been careful to empty my bladder before bed and not drink anything after a certain time.  Didn’t work.  Anyway, I have been extremely tired lately due to my restless nights. 

Last night I decided to prepare for bed instead of just falling into it.  I changed my sheets and put sheets fresh out of the dryer on my bed (you know, I would change my sheets everyday if I could – I love clean sheets; however, my aversion to laundry and the fact that I currently only have 2 sets of sheets for my bed only allows a change once a week).  After changing the sheets, I took a long hot shower, put on my favorite lotion and went to bed.  In the past, this has always been a sure fire method of a good night’s sleep.  It also helped that my husband was watching the Cubs lose their first playoff game in the living room and I didn’t have to block out his snoring to get to sleep.  My plan didn’t work though.  I had a dream that involved some sort of water/flooding and sex.  The details are sketchy and I only remember bits and pieces, but I do remember a great deal of water and sex.

Maybe if I could figure out what it all means, I will finally get some rest.


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