I had an interesting conversation with a student yesterday.  He asked me if I had heard on the news that there was a pregnant man.  I responded by saying that it was impossible.  He said he had heard it on the morning news and asked why I didn’t believe him.  I responded by saying that I believed that he thought he heard that bit of news, but that he misunderstood what he heard.  He then told me that his dad had told him that he (the student) had babies swimming around inside him.  I can only begin to imagine what that conversation was like, but I pointed out that we were not going to discuss it in class, but he pressed the issue.  I finally held up my hands and waited for him to be quiet and told him I was only going to give him some facts and then the discussion was over, for good.  I explained that males have sperm and females have eggs.  The human species must have one of each to reproduce.  He did say he had one more question.  I said go ahead, but I may choose not to answer.  He asked me what reproduce meant.

At that moment, I knew before long I was going to have his offspring in class.


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  1. I’m glad I don’t have your job. 🙂

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