Tired & Lonely

Right now, I am so tired and lonely.  This has been one of those weeks when I have had a lot going on – and so has my husband.  I feel like I have barely seen him.  I mean, he’s always busy on his week on call but this past week has been unreal.  The stress of my worries and a long week at work has made me feel completely exhausted.  And because my dear husband has been gone, I’ve had the added stress of being a single parent.

 Now, it is Saturday and he has been gone all day.  I am at my wits end with my children and he just called to say he got another call and won’t be home for another several hours.  I put my daughter down for a nap and sent my son to the neighbor’s to play.  I can barely focus right now.  I want to veg out in front of the television, but I won’t.    My house is a disaster, there’s a strange odor in the kitchen, I’ve got a pile of laundry a mile high and now, because I’m tackling the toy room, a front yard full of toys.

 Okay, I’m done complaining.  I am headed down to put a load of laundry in and then outside to work on the toys.  I’m hoping to feel some sense of accomplishment by the time I go to bed.



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3 responses to “Tired & Lonely

  1. *hugs*

    Good for you, for doing what you don’t want to do, instead of being seduced by the TV. I hope your husband’s work load slows down, so he can spend some time with you and the kids.

  2. trured73

    I DID IT! Thank you for the encouragement – I finally got the room cleaned out and we are sending 4 large boxes of toys to charity. I didn’t think I would feel this good about it. Part of my joy is because that room will now be mine – a place for me to get ready in the morning, a place for things I enjoy. I’m painting it colors I want without regard to what anyone else in the family wants or thinks. It is my hope that this room will be the beginning of my redefinition. And this week, my husband is off call so he will be home no later than 5:15 every night and he has already asked what we’re doing – together!

  3. Oh, that’s so exciting about your space! I think that’s so important . . . it makes a big difference to have a sanctuary. What colors are you painting it?

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