Doctor visit

Well, it’s good news, bad news, and even worse news.  The good news is that my shoulder is not as damaged as I had feared.  The official diagnosis is rotater cuff tendonitis.  The bad news is that it will take physical therapy and time to heal.  The even worse news is that my insurance sucks.  Here is the conversation.

Me:  Yes, I was calling because my doctor has referred me for physical therapy and I wanted to make sure that the physical therapist is covered under our insurance.

Woman:  Is the therapy needed because of a stroke, fracture, or surgery?

Me: No.

Woman:  Then we will not pay for physical therapy.

Me:  Excuse me?

Woman:  Unless the therapy is needed because of a stroke, fracture, or surgery it is not covered.

Me:  So in other words, I have to let my shoulder deteriorate to the point where I need surgery.  Then you will pay for therapy, which will last longer because it is from a surgery.  So the bill then becomes 5 or 6 times more than just paying for me to have physical therapy for the next 4-6 weeks?

Woman: That is the contract your school district signed.

Me:  Thank you.  Please make a note of this conversation so when you call me in 6 months to inquire why I need surgery on my shoulder, I won’t need to explain.  Goodbye.

 Today, I found out from the therapist that the initial evaluation is going to cost somewhere between $140-150 and each subsequent visit, depending on what they do, could cost anywhere from $35-$100.  I am calling my doctor back and then calling some other physical therapists in the area to find out various costs.



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  1. Oh, boy. That stinks. The good news, if there is such a thing, is that after a couple of visits, you should be able to do exercises by yourself at home, if the PT is any good, and then check in to make sure it’s healing properly. When I was paying privately for PT, the guy I was seeing scheduled me for the shortest possible sessions, and charged in 15-minute increments. Maybe you can find something similar?

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