Childhood Dreams

I was just remembering what I thought about when I was little – before the world jaded me and crushed me and made me lose some hope.  Here are the things I always dreamed of doing:

I wanted to be…a rock star, a dancer, a writer, a clothes designer, the President, a teacher, the First Lady, a princess, a mechanic, a mom, an architect, a model, a movie star, an interior designer, a wife, a television star, a voice for commercials.

I am sure there more paths I considered, but these seem to stick out in my mind.

I feel the need to add this note:  When I first began this post, I qualified each item on this list.  I had added why I didn’t do those things or what stopped me from being those things.  I decided that maybe erasing those qualifiers is the first step in finding what is me.


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  1. I’m not sure whether I never knew you had a blog here, or if I knew and somehow forgot. Either way, I’m sorry I haven’t been here. Or maybe I have, and I forgot that, too. Oh, man … I need to air out my brain, or something.

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