Home Improvement

I wish I had the money to hire someone to come in and do my home improvements.  At the same time, though, I like the feeling of completing and being proud of home improvement.

For the past several days I have been removing wallpaper.  I have NEVER been a fan of wallpaper, EVER.  However, the elderly woman who was the previous owner of our house had it installed in both the bathroom and the kitchen.  As the bathroom wallpaper is less ugly (small pastel pink, yellow, and blue flowers with mint green leaves) than the kitchen (beige background with terracotta/pinkish and blue flowers with brown leaves, same colors in a stripe on the soffit).  Of course, she had it wallpapered after she had the cabinets removed and before she had new ones installed.

Luckily, they wallpapered over some misty green paint that has quite a gloss to it.  This means that the paper came off rather easily.  All I have to do to most of the walls is clean them.  The soffit is a completely different story.  That paper is giving me a headache!  Just the soffit is taking longer than the walls did!

My plan is to have the paper off the soffit, the walls cleaned and the holes filled in with spackle by the end of the day tomorrow.  Then on Wednesday, while my dear husband is home, we will prime everything.  Finally, by the weekend, I hope to have it all painted.  I have had some fabric for awhile now that I will be using.  It is a dark taupe/chocolate.  I will use that on the windows and chairs.  The bottom cabinets are going to be painted a shade darker than the fabric while the walls and upper cabinets will be painted a linen color.  On the small wall where the table is I plan on painting a design using the linen color and a lighter, almost off white color.  My floor is hideous, but it will have to do for now.  The rest of my house is hardwood (original to the house) so I don’t want to bring in a laminate that will compete with it.  I’ll have to look around until I find something that is perfect.

 How do people do this for a living?  After the kitchen, I need to paint the hallway, repaint the living room (my son wrote his name in Sharpie marker on the wall) and overhaul the toy room (making it into my large fabulous closet!).  It’s a never ending battle with old houses!  And my ever changing tastes!


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  1. bnepro

    give us a shout or a look over
    @ the bne blog. there’s lots
    of re-model joy to go around.
    soon i’ll be posting solutions to
    some of the design challenges.


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