Tornadoes & Family

Family renuions and tonadoes – quite appropriate for each other.  Let me explain.  My dad is the oldest of four.  He has a younger brother and two younger sisters.  We live about an hour and half from where my dad grew up and where his parents live.  His brother lives only about a half hour away from them.  His sisters however, live in quite a distance – one in Colorado and one in West Virginia.  The sisters haven’t been to visit in almost ten years but felt it necessary to call a family meeting to discuss their parents.

Now, my grandparents are still both living.  My grandfather is in a nursing home.  He had a stroke over twenty years ago and lived at home with my grandmother until two years ago when he fell and broke his hip.  Being over twice my grandmother’s size, she could no longer take care of him.  My grandmother, on the other hand, is in fairly good health.  She does well on her own, as long as she is in her comfort zone.

This family meeting was not something my dad was looking forward to.  Being the most responsible and stable one, he as been financially helping his parents for quite some time.  He also visits at least twice a month, if not more.  My mom seems to have made my dad’s sisters mad at some point (not unheard of with my mother) so she was uncomfortable about this trip.

I decided to surprise them and drive their on my own on Firday morning.  I figured my kids would be a nice distraction from all of the uncomfortableness that was bound to flourish.  It’s an easy drive so I loaded up my kids and left.  It’s been rainy and dreary weather for awhile here so I figured a little trip would be better than trying to occupy my children in the house.

The short time we spent with the family was okay and both my parents thanked me for the distraction.  When I was ready to leave, the weather had turned severe and there was a tornado warning.  My husband called and said I had to stay – he didn’t want me driving home.  So, without anything, I ended up staying in a hotel (which, thankfully, my dad paid for).  It was quite an ordeal because my son decided to have a complete meltdown because he was sure we were going to get sucked up in a tornado and die.  When I finally got  him calmed down, I had to sleep with my daughter.  She is used to sleeping in a crib and I had to catch her from falling out of bed twice then she decided to roll up against me instead.  After a long night, I had to drive home.

The more I think about it, the more I see the similarities between family and tornadoes.


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