I have these from time to time and I had a major one the other day.  Lately I have been trying to find something I can get excited about – something that I can do just for me.  I think I miss that most, the me time.  I have lost something – or I never had it.  I don’t know, but I need to do something that I enjoy.

The other day I took my children to our little town square that has a fountain.  I wanted to take some pictures of them to put in frames and give to my husband and my dad for Father’s Day.  I’ve always enjoyed photography – I like taking unique shots.  And every time I have had pictures done by a professional, I think I could get the same or better if I did it myself.  So now, my quest is on.

My birthday is in September and I’m hoping that my husband and my parents will pool their resources and get me a nice camera.  I’m going to start looking at new cameras.  My biggest problem with the small, convenient one I have is that the shutter lag is slow.  I have missed some very good candid pictures of my children because the time between the time I press the button and the time I took the picture was too long.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I will practice with my little one in the meantime, but I don’t even know where to begin!  This is the first time in a long time that I have gotten excited about something.

So, here are a couple of pictures I have taken of my children.  Not professional quality – yet.


My 2 Babies



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