Poop – again

I just can’t get away from it (see previous entry on Dino Dung)!  My daughter swallowed a dime.  I know, millions of children have swallowed some type of money and lived through it.  I don’t usually overreact when it comes to things like this, but I did take her to the emergency room. 

 I was in my bedroom folding clothes when my son started yelling at my daughter to give back his money.  When I went in to referee, he was staring at her open mouthed and pointing.  I asked what the problem was (careful not to lay blame quite yet) when my daughter smiled up at me and said, “Money in my tummy – just like piggy,” and pointed proudly to her stomach.  My son said she swallowed his money.  He didn’t know how many coins or what type of coins.  I called the pediatrician who directed me to the prompt care, who then sent me straight to the emergency room.  After a long wait and an x-ray, it was determined that she had swallowed one coin and it was a dime.  Furthermore, it was well past the critical points of the digestive tract and I was sent home with instructions to watch for it.  Digging through poopy diapers is NOT my idea of summer fun!

I did get a huge laugh from my dad.  We were at my parents’ house when my dad came home from work that same day.  Without any explanation, I said, “You know how you used to tell us kids that moeny didn’t come out of your ass?  Well, your granddaughter is about to prove you wrong!”  Now, whenever we talk, my parents ask if she has made change yet.  I guess the only thing I can do now is laugh!


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  1. When my daughter was a baby she was eating pudding with a plastic spoon at a restaurant. Somehow the spoon disappeared. We became apprehensive at took her to a hospital emergency room. The doctor reassured us that she was probably not in danger. We did examine her feces for several days, but never saw any sign of a plastic spoon.

    Young parents just never know about these things.

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