Dino Dung

How was I to know that my laughter at David’s predicament would soon be repaid in spades?  Of all the books in the library, my son picks one for me to read to him titled “Dino Dung.”  It is a book about scientists dissecting dinosaur feces, which my son finds quite interesting.  Anything animal related is of great interest to him.  Will it ever end?  I have noticed that since the birth of my children, I have spent an inordinant amount of time thinking about feces.  My daughter seems to be going through a stage where she wants to eat everything so I am constantly watching to see if anything important is coming out.  And my son apparently needs to be reminded to go.  My husband keeps telling me not to worry about him – that he is an active little boy who just forgets.  I honestly don’t know how that is possible!  Anyway, when he was 2, he had a bowel obstruction and I am concerned that there are some lingering effects from it.  I’m such a worrier. 

I will, in the future, refrain from laughing at anyone else’s predicaments.  I have learned my lesson.


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