Is it bad that I do not want to know how my son gets my daughter out of her bed?  Let me explain.  My daughter is still in a crib.  Several people I know have criticized me for this, but I am firm in leaving her in the crib until she tries to get out on her own.  Then I will remove the railing and we will progress with the toddler bed.  Until then, she stays.  Now of course, there is a point where it becomes ridiculous, however, she is only two now.  Anyway, my son is six.  He’s not very big for his age, but somehow, he lifts her up and over the rail.  No, the rail does not go down without some major effort (defective due to the imcompentence of the person putting it together – my youngest brother).  So I will live in oblivion.  It does mean fewer trips up our treacherously narrow and steep stairs to get her. 

I’m curious to see if help from big brother will lengthen the time that little sister remains in the crib.  For now, ignorance is bliss – okay, staying in bed for an extra 15 minutes is bliss.


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