Ego Boost

I got a HUGE ego boost yesterday.  It’s interesting how things like this happen.  Yesterday was my son’s birthday (he turned 6) and I stopped at the grocery store to buy cupcakes for him to take as a treat.  It was also Hat Day (we have Spirit Week in which each day has a different theme; I am the only staff member that has participated each day – and the kids love it!). 

As we stood in line, I was feeling a little odd.  Normally, I am a very professional dresser (moreso than most teachers) and am usually in nice skirts and heels.  Anyway, I was wearing a white t-shirt and a denim skirt that fell just to my knees.  I was also wearing a pair of black sandals.  My hat was a black and gold Iowa Hawkeyes baseball hat (which I wear to do yard work). 

My son was going on about his birthday as we were checking out and the gentleman behind me asked him how old he was.  My son responded, “I’m 6 today.  That means I have to use two hands to show it!”  He was quite impressed with himself and I smiled.  The gentleman (about my age and handsome, dressed in casual clothes) looked at me (actually, he looked me up and down) and said, “Wow, you don’t look old enough to have a six year old.  And you obviously take care of yourself.”  My face instantly turned red and I smiled and said thank you as we took our things and left. 

I actually had several different feelings about this.  First, and foremost, I was flattered.  I don’t often get complimented like that anymore.  Secondly, I was slightly offended by the “up and down” look I got.  I have spent a lifetime of the male species noticing certain body parts I possess in spades and I keep thinking there is more to me than that.  Finally, I was perplexed that someone would be so forward when I was wearing a wedding ring.

Oh well.  I will enjoy my first reaction.


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One response to “Ego Boost

  1. You’re right, I am sure, but sometimes it feels like we men can’t win for losing in these matters.

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